N 39 4.73, W 76 27.70

May 8, 2001

Sillery Bay, Magothy River, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Farewell to the Patapsco River
After settling up with the marina for a night's dockage and a pump out we got underway. The morning was cool clear and the protected marina cove was mirror smooth. We cast off from friendly Fair View Marina and we motored out to the Patapsco on a falling tide. It was late spring, almost but not quite summer on the brown waters of the upper Chesapeake. Crabbers were out in force setting pots out, pleasure boat traffic was light, several barges and tugs went past, the air was cool, and the sun bright. After a little over an hour, a light southeast wind came up and we turned our prow into it and hoisted the main and genoa. Undersail again! Sailing close hauled at 4 to 5 in smooth water on a sunny day- hey not too bad!

Under sail again! (sail tension not quite right yet!)
The abrupt transition from no sailing at all to the total immersion of cruising still feels a bit odd but the patterns of cruising seem to be picking up right where they left off seven months ago. We sailed close hauled for an hour or so south to the next sizeable waterway on the western shore, the Magothy River. It offered at least a dozen possible anchorages- we opted for one on Sillery Bay behind pretty heavily wooded little Dobbin Island. The island has no houses, just a pair of panhandling ducks in residence. We settled snug against its north side to enjoy the tranquil setting. And here now rests the good ship Titania after her first voyage of 2001-all 14 miles of it. We may stay here for a work day tomorrow.

Welcome committee

Off Dobbins Island