September 7, 2000 - Fairhaven, NY - N 43 19.728 W 76 42.204

The crew at work in the 'office'
We moved aboard last night after spending two days stuffing an amazing variety of gear aboard the yacht. We plan on traveling for a month, but the provisions and equipment list looks like a winter's worth. Of course, having the mobile office does add items that are not normally part of your typical cruiser's inventory. Most cruisers can get by without three laptops, power supplies, a network hub, the latest cd of NT Developer, and 50 feet of miscellaneous cord and cable to connect it all together among other odds and ends.

Many as yet unforeseen problems and questions yet remain to be answered. How long will a thirty year old engine power all this stuff? Will my underwear ever show up? What did we do with the bicycle pump? Did we pack the spare spark plugs? And can we pick up our email with a south wind on our mooring? (So far the answer appears to be no-but with easterlies and northerlies it works fine).

Tomorrow's forecast sounds favorable so we shall hopefully begin to travel then. With luck we should be in the canal system by noon and across Oneida Lake ( a 30 mile stretch of open water) over the weekend. Drop in next week to see if anything new is posted.