Alex and Zach in San Diego

Alex and Zach visited us for a week. The primary purpose - other than hitting the beach - was to provide some sort of training in the mysterious ways of Merlin - that soon to be famous product by Cykic Software. Alex has now passed the Cykic Software Salesman 101 course and is set up to start making money in a most legitimate and honorable way. Zach has passed the Cykic Software MultiBase 101 course - having put the Ogden Lists online - and is wistfully being groomed as "heir apparent" to his aging aunt and uncle.

When not sitting thru boring meetings and staring at computer screens, our intrepid travelers with hanger-on aunts rode ferries, played miniature golf, hung out at the beach, threw the ball around, batted the ball around with the original wooden bats of many a Woodmen Valley game (I think), made at least 6 trips to Michael's Arts and Crafts for balls of yarn (which were quickly integrated in a work of art - see below), and ate fruit smoothies and salads (and pizza and hotdogs) and laughed and laughed and enjoyed each other.

Zach's creation and gift to us

What a guy!

On the ferry to Coronado Island

On the ferry with sun in eyes...

Two great guys in San Diego!

With a doting aunt...

Back to Colorado on the Greyhound bus