November 24, 2000

The Gateley Christmas Pudding

Recipes from Linnie May (Peabody) York -- Bill's grandmother


Plum Pudding

[Best to make the pudding at least two weeks before eating.]

Cream:  1/4  pound butter and 1/2 cup sugar

Add:      1/4 pound kidney suet

Add:      3 egg yolks

Stir until smooth

Add:     1/2 cup milk

             2 cups flour

             3 whipped egg whites


Add:     1/4 cup brandy

             1 teaspoon mace

             1 teaspoon ground cloves

             1 teaspoon nutmeg


Add (well-dredged with flour)

             1/2 pound raisins

             1/2 pound currants


Tie the mixture in cloth wrung out in water and floured.

Put in boiling water on rack and boil for about 3 hours.



Plum Pudding Sauce


Beat together:     1 egg

                           1 cup sugar

                           2 tablespoons flour

                           2 tablespoons cold water

Pour the above into 2 cups boiling milk

Let boil 1 minute and then add 2 tablespoons butter.

Boil until butter is thoroughly mixed (2-3 minutes).

       It can be occasionally stirred carefully. (Watch for scorching!!!)

Flavor with 2 tablespoons brandy (approximate and optional)



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