February 11, 2001 - Boat Projects and a Birthday Dinner

A rough Saturday night

On February 11 the 29th Street household wished to honor Toni's 58th birthday with a special feast. But because of assorted pesky food allergies Toni has to avoid sugar. So how to have a proper birthday dinner with no cake and ice cream? What could we eat? Kit developed a plan. Let's create a celebration of vegetables (these all being on Toni's permitted list of foods). And to make it properly sinful, we'll serve it with a half cup of melted garlic butter on the side.

Kit went shopping and returned with approximately a half bushel of 25 different vegetables-two kind of peppers, 3 kinds of rice, tomatoes, jicamah, asparagus, kale broccoli, brussel sprouts beets and much much more. These were fashioned into a vegetarian masterpiece -"Food Heavan" complete with carved Jicamah angel in a chef's hat. The resulting creation was judged a wonder by all who viewed it.

Even as the cooks (?) labored over their masterpiece, work proceded outside in the driveway on a re-engineered lifting arrangement for Lefay's centerboard. Chris cut a hole through the cabin sole and then through the top of the trunk. He then glassed a tube of fiberglass onto this to lead the pennant through. The tube had been created the day before by wrapping many layers of cloth around a broomstick and wetting it out with epoxy. (Chris taped a plastic bag onto the broomstick first so the hardened tube would slip off).Now the centerboard lifting line will lead up through the tube and the floor of the cockpit to where it will be cleated off. Now, if the rope used to lift the board needs to be replaced, it can probably be done while the boat is in the water. We think this arrangment will be more durable and easier to use than the previous system. Hopefully the finished lifting arrangement for the centerboard will prove more trouble free than the previous factory installed cable. And hopefully before the next major earthquake hits, the boat will soon be secure back on its trailer with the new improved arrangement.

Creating the masterpiece (Judy's dubious)

A view from above

Food heaven

Consuming food heaven

The birthday girl presents her contribution

Lefay with the centerboard back in & rope tied to it

The glassed in tube through which the centerboard line runs

The centerboard lifting line cleated

A just slightly obtrusive Lefay outside the kitchen window